How the Black Diamond Voter Turn Out Compares

We would like to thank our readers who asked us how this by-election claimed ‘an amazing voter turnout’ with 674 residents coming out to vote.

The Town of Black Diamond, along with other Municipalities in Alberta, does not maintain an Eligible Voters List. According to Alberta Municipal Affairs, an estimated 1500 residents fall into the eligible category.

Our research has determined that, in comparison to the last four elections in Black Diamond, this election saw the second highest number of voter turn out.

The highest election turnout was the 2010 General Election with 818 ballots completed, followed by the 2013 General Election with 515.

The last By-election in 2008 saw only 488 votes cast.

Details regarding the number of candidates for these four elections can be found at the Town of Black Diamond’s website.

To answer the question posed, an estimated 45% of eligible voters came out and voted in this By-election.





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