Black Diamond Open House Updated Residents on Current Programs

Last week the Town of Black Diamond held an Open House that was attended by approximately thirty people. The main purpose of the Open House was to showcase programs and services that the town is currently involved in.

For those of you who were unable to attend this event the following programs are services were represented.

Flood Mitigation Program

Megan Aebig was on hand to explain the current activity we see around the Sheep River. Megan is on contract to the town under a grant and is overseeing the up and downstream berm construction and the storm water upgrades to prevent backup particularly to the campground area.

Public Works Department

Tom Dougall answered questions on the activities that the Public Works Department are doing and had displays showing the recent upgrades to the Sand and Salt Shed and the Town Shop.

Parks & Rec Department

Les Quinton explained to many people the savings the Green Program has made to the carbon footprint, the energy requirements replaced by the Solar and Wind initiatives on both the Town Office and the Arenas, Municipal Sustainability and the low-flow toilet initiative.

Westend Sewage

Laurie McCreary-Burke had an online presentation of the re-routing of the sewer lines through Black Diamond. This re-routing work is scheduled to begin June 1st, 2015.

Pathway System

Town Planner, Rod Ross presented a map of a proposed pathway system that was brought forward in 2005 by the Parks & Rec Committee for feedback and suggestions from residents. Such a pathway system could provide residents and visitors alike a healthy means of exercise and be a showcase for tourists to see the many diverse areas of town if it were brought forward to Council and implemented in the future.

Protective Services

Peace Officer Jim Berry attended to answer questions on the town’s Bylaws and their enforcement. He also explained the safety that the Protective Services Department brings to the residents of this community.

Emergency Services

Fire Chief Jamie Campbell and several of his colleagues were in attendance to answer questions arising from the operation of the Fire Department and their area of service. How they respond to calls and to put out a call for volunteers.

Displays were also there for the Economic Development Department, the Town Administration and FCSS Department. These department managers were unable to attend in person because of another meeting they were attending.

After the attendees browsed the displays and talked to the department representatives a Question and Answer period was held with all of the Town Councillors and the Mayor in attendance to answer the questions that were brought forward. Questions and suggestions were made around the structure of Protective Services, Policing, Town staffing, Economic growth, Development and Water – all with the underlying intent to analyze current property taxes. Mayor Brown offered a great deal of explanation and clarification around these matters and assured that all input has been noted and will be tabled for future consideration and discussion.

This evening was a great initiative provided by the Mayor and Council and a huge thank you goes out to them and to the department representatives for their time.

If you would like any further information about any of these programs please call the Town Office at 403-933-4348.