Black Diamond Family Needs Christmas This Year

The Janicki family is facing Christmas alone while their wife/mother remains in hospital. Mandy was a stay-at-home Mom and dedicated community volunteer until an unexpected illness landed her in the hospital.

Along with a GoFundMe page there is a community fundraiser happening on December 3rd, starting at 6pm, at the Black Diamond Hotel. When you are out and about for Black Diamond’s Light Up celebrations, consider stopping in at the Hotel to warm up and help out this family. There will be live bands, a silent auction and raffles.

Holiday party invitation with red and green ornaments (InformalFrom GoFundMe page:

janicki-familyHelp support a loving daughter, sister, wife and mother of two young children in this critical time of need. Mandy Janicki fell ill on September 19th, thinking she had pneumonia she was admitted to the hospital, she then had a severe seizure which caused her brain to swell and heart to stop. The doctors worked hard and brought her back to us however she is now in a coma and on life support, battling what they believe is meningitis. It is believed that she now has extensive brain damage.

Mandy is only 29 years old, born and raised in Black Diamond, AB. She is well known and loved by family and friends all over. She is the most loving and caring woman you could ever meet, always putting everyone else’s needs before her own, she now needs our help more than ever.

Her husband Andy has been by her side as much as possible and is unable to work between all the heartache and hospital visits as well as caring for their children. Living out of town he had to make the decision to move closer with their children, Brooklyn(2) and Dylan(7). They have had to uproot their lives to be closer to their mother and Dylan has had to change schools. Thankfully Mandy’s mother and step father, Mary and Dave, have stepped up and taken the family in. Mary has cut her work hours to help take care of the kids as well.

With bills, more mouths to feed, changing schools, hospital parking, gas and other expenses all starting to add up the family could use the help more than anything right now. All money raised will go towards helping her family keep afloat.

No one wants to see their loved ones in such a state, it’s been so very hard on everyone. Alberta Strong has been the province motto for so long now, let’s keep it going for this born and raised Albertan family and make their lives a little easier and take away financial burden in a time where that shouldn’t matter. Big or small, every cent will count.