Black Diamond Council Wants to Hear from Residents on Proposed Pathway

Black Diamond Council for the Town of Black Diamond, in its 2019 capital budget, approved the installation of a pathway on Government Road North, on the Town’s road right of way (see image below). At this time, Council wishes to hear from the community at large to determine if the development of this pathway is supported. Please review the information below and provide your response to the 2 questions at the end. The survey will close on July 12, 2019.

The portion of the pathway (circled in yellow, above) budgeted for 2019 construction was designated as a high priority pathway in the 2006 Trails and Pathways Master Plan. The budget allocation for this portion of the pathway is $67,700.00. This amount has been saved for over a period of time, as part of the Town’s Pathway Reserve. This plan was developed by community, with connectivity in mind, and portions of the plan have been worked on, as budgets allow. The designated project is budgeted to be a gravel pathway. This area is currently being used as an informal pathway, which has been deemed unsafe. Formalizing the pathway would lessen the slope and level the lower areas, making the space more user-friendly.

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Trails and Pathways Master Plan

The 2006 Trails and Pathways Master Plan is available on our website, in the Planning Documents section.