Black Diamond Conducting Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey should have been in residents’ mailboxes last week.  Each household will receive 1 copy with 1 “pin” number.  The person completing the survey on behalf of the household will have the option of completing a hard copy survey and mailing it back to Banister Research for tabulation, or by using the enclosed “pin” number, the survey can be completed online.

This survey is undertaken every 4 years (coinciding with electoral terms) and is used by Council and Administration to help determine what services are most important to our residents to help set future plans and goals, and to determine what we, as a team, can do differently or better to ensure that Black Diamond remains a wonderful place to live, work, play and raise a family or retire.  We hope that every household will take the time to participate.

There is also an added incentive for participation included in the survey package – a draw for a $150 credit towards the winner’s choice of their Utility account or their Property Tax account.  Banister Research will also be making that draw for us, so your contest entry does not in any way provide Council or Administration with access to your survey responses.  The winner’s name may be published in an upcoming Council Agenda.