Meeting Tonight re: Wood King Property – Proposed Development

For the past few months a group of concerned citizens have been meeting at the Griffiths Centre to discuss options for the healthy development of our community and in particular the proposed development following the sale of the Wood King property at the eastern entrance to Black Diamond.

Another meeting is scheduled for tonight starting at 7:00pm.

A circulating email was received yesterday with the notation of: Please pass the information around to any interested community members and encourage them to join our conversations.

The format for this evenings meeting will follow previous meetings and is outlined as:

We will start by continuing our agenda pattern from our three previous meetings, with introductions of any new participants, a quick summary of where we’ve gotten in previous conversations, and then presentations about what has happened since our last meeting, by representatives of the three identified groups, municipal planning, design plans, and financial alternatives.  From those we will also probably have further discussions by the group.

The email also notes that:

The design group representatives, Chris, Murray, and Ann, had meetings last Friday with a representative of the developer involved in the Wood King property, and with a very experienced city planner.  They had pre and post meetings to define their thoughts.   They will have a lively and maybe long presentation to start the meeting.  The two other groups will have reports to follow and the whole Group will then plan what is needed next.

From this email it is obvious that more residents’ input is being requested so if you have the time and you are interested please attend the meeting tonight at the Griffiths Centre on Government Road at 7:00pm.