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Black Diamond and Turner Valley Bee Monitoring Program

Would you like to participate in a Bee Monitoring Program?

The Alberta Native Bee Council is providing tools for people to help monitor the Alberta bumblebee population.  If you would like to take part in this program, here’s how:

  1. Build a bumble bee box – click the link for printable building instructions.
  2. Register your bumble bee box online.
  3. Monitor your bumble bee box and report activity to the Alberta Native Bee Council.  An annual reporting form can be found on our website.

There are a few ready-built bumblebee houses available at the Town of Black Diamond and Town of Turner Valley municipal offices as well as the Sheep River Library. Get yours while they are still available.  Take it home, register and monitor! All you have to do is register when you pick it up and it’s yours! Yes it’s unlikely a bee will take residence this season, but by getting your nest box “weathered” you’ll have much better chances next spring!

To learn more about identifying Bumble Bees in Southern Alberta, you can read the linked brochure, or visit or follow the Alberta Native Bee Council on Facebook.

About the Bumblebee Box Monitoring Program

This citizen science project is aimed at providing educational opportunities for the public to learn about native bee diversity and conservation through a bumble bee box monitoring program.

Participants of the program will be provided with supplies to make a bumble bee box that they will monitor annually. Participants will be asked to report back to the Alberta Native Bee Council on whether their bumble bee box was colonized, if the colony successfully produced reproductives/gynes, and what species of bumble bee they found.

The Alberta Native Bee Council will maintain a database of all program participants and project data as part of a long term monitoring program. Participants will also learn how to identify and photograph bumble bees as a part of the ‘’ program, which is aimed at tracking and conserving bumble bees in North America.

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