Black Bear Cubs Arrive Safely From Yukon

Yukon cubs at Calgary ZooCalgary, AB – The Calgary Zoo is happy to report that two orphaned cubs, one female and one male from the Yukon have made a safe journey to their new home in Calgary. The cubs were orphaned in mid-July and the Government of the Yukon determined that as they were a danger to the residential community, a suitable home had to be found.

They will remain at our Animal Health Centre for their quarantine period and having survived an initial health scare, will be further assessed during this period by our veterinary staff. Once quarantine has ended, they will then be slowly introduced to our white black bear Manuka. Together these three bears will be able to educate our visitors about the dangers of animals becoming habituated to humans.

Curator, Jamie Dorgan comments, “We are delighted to receive these two black bear cubs and are optimistic that they will become good companions for our lone white black bear Manuka.”

Many thanks to Air North for assisting with the transportation.

(Calgary Zoo)