Birth of a Nation Day to be Honoured in the Foothills


The annual Birth of a Nation Day will be held in both Okotoks and Turner Valley and will involve the surrounding communities. In Turner Valley a parade will be leaving the Dr. Lander Memorial Swimming Pool parking lot at 6:30pm ending at the Turner Valley Legion for a short Cenotaph Service. In Okotoks the march starts at the Elks Lodge, follows Elizabeth St. and turns North onto Centre Street, arriving at the Cenotaph. A brief remembrance ceremony will take place, followed by the placing of a memorial wreath and some prayers.

The day was established to commemorate and honour Canada’s amazing and strategic victory at Vimy Ridge, 09-14 April 1917.

All efforts by the other nations failed, four divisions of Canadians led by Canadians and operating for the first time as a Canadian army gained a significant victory at Vimy Ridge, a most skillfully defended position on the western front. This Canadian victory defused any hope the Germans had of gaining control of Europe and opened the road to ultimate victory. Shortly thereafter, Germany surrendered.

Although success came at the cost of a great number of casualties, Canada gained more land, more armament and more prisoners that any other nation in history. In victory Canada gained the utmost respect from all nations both Allied and Axis powers.

The then Prime Minister Borden declared that Canada was to take its place with other nations as an independent nation, loyal to the crown but to hold dominion over its military, its lands, its waters and its people as the Dominion of Canada.

It is time once again that Canadians show their pride. We should not allow this great part of our history to be forgotten, nor can we let the casualties of this seminal action be in vain. Those organizing the Birth of a Nation Day Commemoration encourage every resident and every business to fly our flag proudly. Ultimately, the goal is to witness a sea of Red Maple Leaf Flags dominate our communities. Businesses are encouraged to have smaller desk flags at every check-out and individuals are encouraged to wear Canadian Symbols.
The Battle of Vimy Ridge – the Birth of a Nation is both…..

Canada’s Victory and Canada’s Pride!!

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