Bills C-48 and C-69: Statement from Premier Kenney

Premier Jason Kenney issued the following statement about Bill C-48 and Bill C-69:

“The Province of Alberta is united in its determination to protect our economic interests and be treated fairly within the Canadian federation. Our province expressed that unity in a May 17 letter to each senator signed by the leaders of Alberta’s four major political parties. The letter insists that Ottawa respect Albertans’ ongoing concerns about federal bills C-48 and C-69, currently before the Senate of Canada.

“This week, the Senate transport committee studying Bill C-48 banning tanker shipments of Alberta oil off the west coast accepted our argument that the tanker ban is discriminatory, economically destructive and unjust, and rejected the bill. Subsequently, the Senate energy committee studying Bill C-69 that would paralyze the project assessment process adopted substantial amendments aligned with the recommendations of our government and industry stakeholders.

“These were significant victories in our efforts to stand up for Alberta against misguided and punitive federal policies, but we must keep up the pressure as the committee decisions now go to the entire Senate for approval. To that end, our government has sent a letter to all senators, including the Representative of the Government in the Senate, co-signed by the leaders of Alberta’s Official Opposition and the two other major provincial parties, urging that the Senate respect the will of its committees by rejecting Bill C-48 in its entirety and accepting the recommended amendments to Bill C-69.

“This letter is a powerful expression of Alberta political unity reflecting the will of 98 per cent of Albertans who voted in last month’s provincial election. Our government will continue to stand up for all Albertans in demanding fair treatment from Ottawa for our economic interests so that our province can continue to grow, prosper and contribute to Canada.”