Bill C-71 Fails to Achieve its Objectives and Should Not Have Been Passed

Independent Senators ram deficient legislation through Third Reading vote

Despite hearing strong concerns from law-abiding gun owners across the country, Trudeau-appointed senators chose to ignore the evidence and pass Bill C-71 without amendment.

“This legislation accomplishes nothing of what the government has said it will,” said Conservative Senator Don Plett. “It will not increase public safety, it will not reduce gun violence, and it will not keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. It is regrettable that the so-called independent senators chose to just ram it through.”

Plett noted that while the Standing Senate Committee on National Security and Defence had attempted to make significant improvements to the Bill, every amendment was rejected by Trudeau’s senators in the Senate Chamber.

“We spent over 30 hours studying this Bill and heard from 81 witnesses in Committee,” Plett said. “Witnesses identified clear problems with this Bill and begged us to fix them, and yet every effort to make constructive changes was blocked by the government’s appointed Senators.”

Plett says the legislation will do nothing but saddle law-abiding gun owners with more paperwork, more hoops to jump and more threats of criminal charges.

“The Bill is full of aspirational notions that are designed to leave the impression of taking action, while accomplishing absolutely nothing of value,” said Plett. “The government is making scapegoats out of law-abiding gun owners, while ignoring the real problems. This is regrettable.”

While Justin Trudeau has softened Canada’s approach to tackling gang crime, Plett noted that a Conservative government under Andrew Scheer would take clear and decisive action to deal with gangs, illegal guns and criminals.

“Millions of Canadians care about what this legislation was supposed to do – deal with gun and gang violence. While Justin Trudeau has let them all down, Andrew Scheer has promised to take effective action that will improve public safety and help families and communities being impacted by gun violence.”

Source: Senator Don Plett