Bill C-69: Statement from Premier Kenney

Premier Kenney issued the following statement following the federal government’s decision on Bill C-69:

“I’m very disappointed to learn that during the night the federal government rejected the vast majority of amendments made by the Senate of Canada to Bill C-69, after thousands of hours of close study and witness testimony. We commend the Senate for its thoroughness in proposing over 180 constructive amendments, including all of those put forward by the previous Alberta government.

“This is not a question of conservative versus liberal: it’s a question of common sense. Every major political party in Alberta shares the same concerns about this bill, as do the majority of provinces. This week, six premiers wrote to the prime minister underlining our urgent concern and asking that he respect the constructive amendments brought forward by senators, including the majority of senators he appointed. And today, Premier Legault added Quebec’s opposition to the current form of the bill. Without substantial amendments, the bill clearly interferes in areas of exclusive provincial jurisdiction and undermines the future of Canada’s energy sector, investor confidence and national unity.

“Prime Minister Trudeau came to office promising a federalism of openness with the provinces and instead we are regrettably getting a door slammed in our faces. We are making one last appeal to the federal government: please listen to job creators, many First Nations, provincial and territorial governments, and to the Senate of Canada. Do not dismiss their hard work and the constructive amendments they made.

“My message to Prime Minister Trudeau is simple: this is not a partisan issue – it is a matter of restoring international confidence in Canada at a time when our reputation as a place to invest is at risk. Without the Senate’s amendments, this bill will drive away more jobs and investment from Canada. It is not too late for the federal government, the House and the Senate to do the right thing and sustain the Senate’s amendments. It’s not too late to do the right thing.”