Bill C-69: Statement from Energy Ministers

Alberta Minister of Energy Sonya Savage, Ontario Minister of Energy, Mines and Northern Development Greg Rickford, and Saskatchewan Minister of Energy and Resources Bronwyn Eyre issued the following statement in response to developments relating to Bill C-69:

“Today’s developments are unacceptable and very disappointing. These amendments were put forward by provincial and territorial governments – including the province of Quebec – job creators, industry, First Nations and the Senate committee in order to protect the economic prosperity of our country.

“And yet the federal government refuses to listen to the concerns of countless Canadians, and is determined to drive this bill through the House of Commons by any means necessary.

“They are willing to sacrifice every single one of the 533,000 jobs created by the oil and gas industry across Canada in an attempt to fill a misguided political promise.

“One of the reasons for the prolonged economic adversity in Alberta is the flight of tens of billions of dollars in capital – primarily from our oil and gas sector.

“All of Canada relies on the well-paying jobs our energy sectors provide – and when Alberta’s economy suffers, so does the rest of the country.”

– Alberta Energy Minister Sonya Savage

“We are deeply concerned with the federal government’s attempt to push Bill C-69 through the House while rejecting the majority of the proposed amendments.

“Bill C-69 as originally proposed is a misguided and job-killing piece of legislation that fails to balance environmental protection and economic competiveness.

“This radical piece of legislation sacrifices economic growth of Ontario by trampling our provincial jurisdiction over nuclear power.

“Bill C-69 will deter investment across Canada, threatening our economic growth and competitiveness.”

– Ontario Energy, Mines and Northern Development Minister Greg Rickford

“Bill C-69 was flawed from the start.

“In rejecting the majority of these amendments, Prime Minister Trudeau has turned his back on the energy and industrial sectors that employ hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

“As originally proposed, Bill C-69 will make it virtually impossible for our provinces to construct new energy resource infrastructure, killing jobs, economic growth and investor confidence in the process.”

– Saskatchewan Energy and Resources Minister Bronwyn Eyre

“Today, we reiterate our call for the federal government to accept all 187 of the proposed amendments for Bill C-69.”