Bill 36 Review: Just Another PC Broken Promise: Saskiw

Bill 36 Review: Just Another PC Broken Promise: Saskiw


EDMONTON, AB – Premier Jim Prentice is failing to keep his commitment to review the merits of Bill 36, months after he signed a promise to do so, Wildrose MLA Shayne Saskiw said (Thursday).

Prentice promised to review Bill 36—the government’s property right bill that limits rights to compensation and blocks access to courts for landowners—three months ago. Saskiw asked about the status of the review today in Question Period. In response, Environment Minister Kyle Fawcett said no one has one has a better “reputation” than Prentice on property rights and backed down from the promised review on the Premier’s behalf.

“The Premier said property rights would be at the top of his agenda when he ran for the leadership of his party, but that hasn’t panned out, notwithstanding one lackluster bill that does little to enhance or advance landowner rights in any way,” Saskiw said. “The Premier has broken many of his promises already—whether it be ending carbon capture and storage or no new taxes—and his Bill 36 review is well on its way to becoming just another broken promise on his record.”

Saskiw said Prentice’s flagship Bill 1 on property rights did very little to strengthen property rights in Alberta. He said the Premier has done virtually nothing outside of this legislation to hear and act on the concerns of landowners.

“While we welcomed Bill 1, all it did was repeal problematic legislation that hadn’t even been proclaimed yet,” Saskiw said. “The real issues with property rights live on in Bill 36, and other laws such as Bill 24 that take away landowner pore space. The Premier is showing his true colours by refusing to review or repeal this legislation.”