Bighorn Land Swap a Win-Win

Economic opportunity and the protection of wildlife highlight a land swap with the Municipal District of Bighorn.

The land exchange will give the province an important parcel adjacent to the G8 Legacy wildlife underpass near Dead Man’s Flats. The MD of Bighorn will receive land suitable for development that can be used to boost economic growth in the region.

“I commend the MD of Bighorn for its cooperation and getting this deal done. Both parties win in this exchange – we help protect wildlife habitat while creating space for new economic activity to benefit residents in the region.”Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks

The province’s new five-hectare parcel is right next to the north entrance of the G8 Legacy wildlife underpass. This corridor is vital to conserving the area for habitat and as a safe wildlife passage, while reducing vehicle collisions with animals. The province also receives 3.4 hectares of high-value wildlife habitat directly adjacent to the Bow River.

The benefit to the MD is 23 hectares of land east of Exshaw that can support the region’s economy and tax base through business development opportunities.

“The land swap affords the MD of Bighorn a long-term sustainable tax base and future business opportunities in the hamlet of Dead Man’s Flats and lands along Highway 1A east of Exshaw. In partnership with the province, the MD has achieved our ecological and economic touchstones.”Dene Cooper, reeve, MD of Bighorn

The land values included in the exchange are deemed to be of similar financial value by an independent appraiser.