Beyond the Friend Request: Meeting in Person

Hi again, I’m Major John McDougall. I’m a military physician assistant. I’m here to provide a little update on my story from the young boy in Bosnia who got injured in 1997.

I was in Bosnia and there was a young boy who was playing on top of the trains and he struck his head on an overhead power line. He took about 30,000 volts to his head.

We took him to the local hospital and the boy survived.

About five years ago, this young man found me on Facebook. The has boy since moved to London and then, by chance, I had a trip to London, England and I had an opportunity to actually get to meet him this year, 21 years after the incident.

Being able to communicate on Facebook was interesting. It was a chance to reconnect, but it’s very two-dimensional. Having an opportunity to meet him face to face… I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous. I didn’t know what to expect.

He was working with the UN. His wife is a lovely English lady. He met her in the UK and they got married.

We were staying at a hotel in London, which was not far from where he worked and he agreed to take the train and meet us in the lobby of the hotel.

For about an hour before he showed up, I was pacing, I was nervous, I was apprehensive.

Every person that I’d see come by with a suit jacket on, I’d look a little closer to see if it was him or not. And I didn’t have to because there was just this feeling as soon as I saw this figure come through the door, I knew right away that it was him.

It was no pause, there was a quick eye connection and a massive hug, maybe a few tears, and an immensely emotional couple of minutes and he just couldn’t get over how happy he was to get to see me again.

I think there’s an unspoken connection. I went and introduced myself to his wife. She said: “If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have met the most amazing man in the world and have two amazing kids.” So, that’s pretty powerful.

Again, I don’t think I did anything different than any other medic would have done. It was just time and place. But it is a good feeling when you can close the loop on what happened and where they are now.

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Source: National Defence