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Best Paraphrasing Tool for Thesis Writing

“This is how you do these: you sit down at the keyboard, and you put one word after another until it’s done. Its that easy and that hard.”   (Neil Gaiman)

To understand theses statement means to be able to express it in your own words and to make it possible paraphrasing is essential. Paraphrasing of theses helps you to summarize its reading accurately.



“Paraphrasing is the repetition of something written or spoken while changing the choice of words so that its form is simple, and its original meaning is clear.”

It is the expression of someone else’s message or ideas in their own words. That is about presenting the ideas while maintaining the concepts and meaning of the original source, but the choice of words should be one’s own. For example, you tell the news or a story to a friend. The line of this story, the main character, and the main points of the events, you describe in your own words, these are called paraphrasing.

Paraphrasing is especially useful for poetry because poetic language is often tricky, and they usually use their own words to explain it. The name of the process is paraphrasing.

Difference between Summary & Paraphrase:

Most of the people have confusion about the Summary & Paraphrase & people think that these are two different names of a single thing but in actual there exist a vibrant difference between the summary & paraphrase some prominent difference are mentioned below.

  • The review of any passage is the main idea of the entire source, which is clearly communicated in summary. In contrast, paraphrase means the detailed restatement of the source idea in its completeness.
  • A paraphrase contains the all main purpose of the matter written by the actual writer. Therefore, it’s usually as long as the original passage/content or it may also be longer than the original source. In contrast, summaries are always shorter than the original source.


Any words or changing the text in such a way that it loses the original meaning of the sentence is not a good idea. It is because if the paraphrasing is not done correctly, it can usually be a violation. So the main thing during the paraphrasing is that the ideas are from the source and it is very important to cite it. But the words will be yours. Here are some tips to help you get started.

  • Try to change the words in a way that does not affect the main idea of the text. Read & reread the original source till you may have a proper understanding of the main idea defined in original source.
  • Observe the unfamiliar words used by the author and try to understand their exact meaning.
  • Use of any words or phrases that match the original word and its purpose is very close to the original words, and then it will be called plagiarism.
  • Once you understand the main idea of the original text, try to write and describe it in your own style and words.
  • Compare your own written content i.e. paraphrase with the original source in order to make sure the written paraphrase is accurate, complete & objective in all aspects and it feel unique from the actual source with respect to words used.
  • If the author has included a quote or reference book in the text, so try not to make any changes in it.
  • Try to record the source information with the paraphrase, so you have it ready when you are writing your paper and wish to integrate this source’s ideas.


Paraphrasing is a handy tool for maintaining a webpage and writing online because it speeds up the process of your writing ability, and using it can save you a lot of time. This will allow you to get the best quality articles without having to hire authors. You will find it very easy to rewrite the old text into new words. It is excellent not only for professionals but also for personal documents, educational events as well as non-academic work. While the unique advantage of this is that you can easily compare the article you have created with the original article and that too for free.

By using paraphrasing there is no fear of mistakes in the text because it gives you 100% original text without spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and grammar mistakes. Because it uses mostly meaningful sentences and automatically removes unnecessary words and phrases. Have that in the form of paraphrasing, you now have the magic that allows you to write the best articles in less time.


The online paraphrasing tools provide mindfulness for any article or writing. It allows you to reuse the blogs on the website as well as the written text with the provision of standard content. Use the online paraphrasing tool if you want to rewrite articles or find sentences in a new way. If your goal is to reshape the content of a website, business documents, emails, or tweets, the paraphrasing tool can do the job efficiently.

Online paraphrasing tool will save you from being for copying content (Plagiarism) from Google and other search engines. It is developed with a highly advanced algorithm, so if you are looking to create unlimited SEO friendly content, then this tool allows you to do so. The content produced by this tool has a real meaning, so it helps you to mass-produce blog posts, website content, sales copy, or any other form of textual content.

Here are some key features of Paraphrasing tools:

  • The creative result of the content presented.
  • Ability to write more content in less time.
  • Auto-spinning of offered content.
  • Unlimited opportunities to create content.
  • SEO friendly content.
  • Bring acceptable for all kinds of digital devices.

Prepostseo is one of the most effective websites which hold one window solution to paraphrase any passage or content within a limited time. It also offers you to check the grammar & plagiarism of the paraphrased content without switching to any other site.

All the online rephrasing tools provide you with the best possible solution to rephrase the content & much more associated tools that help to improve writing & paraphrasing skills.


Paraphrasing is a useful way to say something more briefly in your own words. It also conveys the others that what are the meanings you have to understand from the content of any other writer. It may save the time it increases understandability of the content & due to your own written words, it makes it easy to get it remembered.

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