Bell Let’s Talk: Statement from Premier Kenney

Bell Let’s Talk

Premier Jason Kenney issued the following statement inviting Albertans to fight silence and stigma around mental health:

“Every year since 2011, the Bell Let’s Talk campaign has challenged us all to change the conversation surrounding mental health issues and those who live with them.

“Few things in life are as universally relatable as mental illness – one in five of us will face it at some point – and yet few things are harder to talk about. Shame begets stigma, and stigma begets silence. So this quiet crisis continues, claiming lives and devastating families.

“Help is waiting and recovery is on the horizon. Our mental health and addictions strategy means those in need have a hopeful path forward – a path that often begins with three simple words: ‘Can we talk?’ ”

“My government colleagues and I can strategize, fund supports and push for change – and we’re doing just that. But with your help, we can do much more than that. We can change the conversation. We can end the stigma. We can contribute to a culture where every person in our province knows they never have to be ashamed or suffer in silence.

“Let’s move mental health forward in Alberta. Let’s talk.”

Bell Let’s Talk Day sets a new record with 154,387,425 messages of support for mental health, and $7,719,371.25 more Bell funding for Canadian mental health.