Beef Producers Vote on Service Charge Model

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Oneil Carlier issued the following statement about the results of the Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) plebiscite on service charges:

“The results of the Alberta Beef Producers plebiscite are in, and members have chosen to remain with a refundable service charge model.

“These results are preliminary. More than 1,800 ABP members cast votes with 51.3 per cent voting in favour of the refundable service charge model. Final results will be shared after Dec. 11, following a two-week period when members can contest the results.

“I would like to thank the Alberta Beef Producers and the Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council for their work in bringing this vote to producers. I would also like to note the spirit of cooperation and collaboration between ABP and the Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association throughout this process and their commitment to the industry.

“Our government felt it was important to empower producers to make this choice for themselves. That’s why, in September 2017, amendments to the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act provided producers of agricultural commissions the ability to choose their preferred service charge model.

“The Alberta Agricultural Marketing Council also recently held a service charge model plebiscite on behalf of the Potato Growers of Alberta, with 82 per cent of votes in favour of a non-refundable service charge model.

“Government will continue to support producers and the agricultural commissions that represent them.”