“Becoming a Community Builder” Registration is Open


“Becoming a Community Builder” is a FREE initiative that is being promoted by the Town of Black Diamond and the FCSS committee. The committee members include Mayor Sharlene Brown; Councillors Ruth Goodwin and Mike Ross; Suzan Nagel, FCSS Coordinator; David Petrovich, Economic Development and Events Coordinator; Rod Ross, Linda Nelson and Jo Kelleher-Williams.

(l to r) David Petrovich, Suzan Nagel, Mayor Sharlene Brown, Jo Kelleher-Williams and Linda Nelson

They will be spearheading the promotion of this program, helping people register, deciding on whether there is a need for group sessions for anyone experiencing difficulty with the online component,  contacting potential groups and answering any questions participants may have.

The goal of this online program is to enhance the community with improved leadership skills. It will be focusing on the question: What do we need to do to build a better community? It is hoped that it will provide a vehicle to get everyone on the same page and move forward with the future of our community.

The Initiative has been brought to this region through the efforts of The Town of Black Diamond. We are very excited to have been selected as a Lighthouse Community and know that the program will make a significant impact in this area.

We expect the program to create better working relationships and foster collaboration and cooperation amongst organizations and individuals as well as to create an increased level of pride and ownership for residents.

The initiative has been designed and is facilitated by Ian Hill, recognized humanitarian, social entrepreneur, business leader and award winning community change agent.

Hill said, “We are excited to have the Town of Black Diamond awarded. They were selected because we believe the Organizing Committee and Community will be a great example of what can happen when a Community makes an all-out commitment to develop informal leaders in the Community.”

The official start of the program will be September 26th, 2014 and you must register at:www.register14f.becomingacommunitybuilder.ca

This is a FREE course open to anyone in the region and is web based for completion in the privacy of your own home or office.  If you would prefer to take the course in a group setting the organizing committee will be pleased to set these groups up.