Bear Cubs Welcome Spring at the Calgary Zoo!


Orphaned bear cubs kick off many signs of spring at the zoo

BearCubsOut1WM-Calgary, AB – The Calgary Zoo is pleased to report the two orphaned black bear cubs Teslin (female) and Orson (male), rescued and brought to the Calgary Zoo last summer have now emerged out of winter hibernation and share the habitat with Manuka, the female “white” black bear. The meanings of the names are, Teslin, named after Teslin Lake in the Yukon and Orson, inspired by the word for bear in certain cultures. The three are settling into their new “blended” family within the black bear habitat in the Canadian Wilds area of the zoo.

“These young bears are showing great social interaction” states Curator Mike Teller. “They romp and play together and have certainly adjusted to their unique personalities. It is truly a happy ending for all.”

The cubs were orphaned in mid-July of 2014 and after which the Government of the Yukon determined that since they had become habituated to humans a suitable home had to be found. Manuka was rescued from the Elkford B.C. region in the summer of 2013. In their new home in Canadian Wilds, the bears will become ambassadors, educating zoo visitors on how to allow bears to remain wild animals.

In addition to the cubs, there is a new member in our musk ox family. A calf was born to Tiller and Shiya on May 3 and is fitting into the family just fine. A bighorn sheep lamb was born as well on the morning of May 6. With spring comes the debut of our wandering peacocks on grounds amidst the gardens that are starting to come into bloom. Join us!