Bear Closure – Picklejar Creek and Lakes as well as Mist Creek and Mist Ridge

Posted: September 09, 2014 @ 11:39 AM

A bear closure is in place for the Picklejar Creek/Lakes area, as well as Mist Ridge/Creek area.

The closure includes all areas north of Highway 40 that lie east of the height of land running from Highway 40 to Mist Mountain, northwesterly to Storm Mountain, south of the height of land between Storm Mountain and Gibraltar Mountain, and west of the height of land running south easterly from Gibraltar Mountain to Lantern Creek.

Please see the image below for map details.

picklejar-closure-20140909Affected Areas:

Picklejar Lakes Trail
Picklejar Day Use Area
Lantern Creek Day Use Area
Picklejar Creek and Lakes Trails
plus surrounding area

(Alberta Parks)