Bear Activity in the Priddis Area

We just received the following message from Alberta Environment and Parks concerning bear activity in our region:

Please be aware that there have been recent sightings of bears in the Priddis area, including a grizzly bear and two cubs. Bears are opportunists and are focused on obtaining as many calories as possible as they move into the fall. This can include human foods as well as natural foods.  In order to reduce the chances of a negative bear encounter, place attractants such as garbage, pet food and livestock feed in a secure, bear resistant container or inside a locked shed/ garage etc. Consider electric fencing chicken runs and bee yards. Carry bear spray – it is an effective tool for close distance encounters with bears and other wildlife. For further information on how to prevent encounters between bears and people, visit: To report public safety concerns related to bears and other wildlife , please contact the Report a Poacher line at 1 800 642 3800.

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