Be Prepared for Flooding

Be Prepared for Flooding

Floods are a frequent hazard in Canada and have devastated many areas of Alberta.

Flooding can occur at any time of year and can result from:

  • heavy rainfall
  • ice jams
  • rapid melting of glaciers or snow packs
  • natural or man-made dam failures

Before a flood

The potential for flood damage is high in low-lying areas along rivers or in ravines, called flood plains. If possible, avoid building or buying properties located there.

Flooding is not limited to these areas and can happen anywhere. Individuals and families should be prepared to take care of themselves for at least 72 hours.

How to prepare

  • Download the Alberta Rivers: Data and Advisories app or visit Alberta River Basins for more information.
  • Maintain an emergency kit stocked with supplies such as water, food, battery-powered or crank radio and flashlight, extra batteries or Weatheradio.
  • Store important documents such as passports, birth certificates, banking information and insurance papers in a safe place in an above ground location.
  • If you have a vehicle, keep the tank full in case fuel stations lose power or close down.

Protect your home and belongings

  • Use weather protection sealant around basement windows and the base of ground-level doors.
  • Ensure downspout drainage moves water away from the property.
  • Install a sump pump and zero reverse flow valves in basement floor drains if possible.

Safeguard pets and livestock

  • Have a plan in case of evacuation. Include where your pets will go and how they will get there.