BC SPCA Rescue Siberian Huskies

BC SPCA Rescue Siberian Huskies

17 puppies and 2 adult Siberian Huskies have come into BC SPCA Custody.

Both the dogs and the wee pups had been living outside in icy temperatures. These vulnerable pups, outside in below freezing temperatures, were shivering, lethargic and riddled with parasites. They’re now under strict quarantine in our care. Staff & Volunteers have given up holiday celebrations to help them. The shelter is overwhelmed and could really use your help with medical and care costs.

Two of the husky puppies surrendered

We cannot disclose their location for security reasons, so we cannot take your kind donations of blankets and toys at this time. When it is safe to do so, we will tell you more. In the meantime, please consider donating towards their medical expenses and care. It’s a true Christmas miracle that these puppies were saved from neglect and brought in from the cold… but no one asks for 17 puppies for Christmas. It’s a lot. They are sick, some more lethargic than others. They need around the clock care and are obviously not yet house trained. Preparing a single healthy dog for adoption costs more than $430, and there are 19 dogs here, all needing more than just basic care. Your help is urgently needed. Thank you for being there for these innocent dogs!

Go to this link to donate: https://spca.bc.ca/donations/emergency-alert/