Bat Talk at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

By Nathan Foy

The Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation would like to thank Dr. Robert Barclay on his fascinating park talk. We learned an incredible amount! Barclay really captivated the audience with spectacular photos of the global diversity of bats. He showed us the species of bats living in Canada, explained their notable adaptations/ life cycles, and even brought two small brown bats as live specimens.

We had planned a short walk to listen to some of Glenbow Ranch Parks local bats following the presentation. We didn’t have to walk far, as the moment we left our outdoor classroom we saw bats flying overhead right on cue! The real treat was being able to listen to the echolocation of both the captured bats and the bats flying overhead. Who knew that Bats change their echo from a click to a buzz when hunting insects?

Thank you again, Dr. Barclay!

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