Barnes Statement on RCMP Investigation into Former Premier


CALGARY, AB (February 20, 2015): Today, Wildrose MLA Drew Barnes released the following statement on the completed RCMP investigation into the Alberta Auditor General report:

“I want to thank members of the RCMP for their thorough investigation regarding the partisan use of government aircraft by former Premier Alison Redford.  It’s clear, without the work of an effective opposition, this information would not have been unearthed in the first place.

“While the evidence presented to the RCMP did not lead to criminal charges, the actions of the former premier and many current members of the PC government were a violation of the public’s trust.  Albertans should feel empowered to keep holding all members of this PC government responsible.

“Premier Jim Prentice is on the record saying those involved would be held accountable for their actions.  Now is that opportunity.

“Today, we call on all PC MLAs who participated in the partisan use of aircraft to payback taxpayers for their involvement.

“The only way to close the chapter in yet another PC scandal, is for Mr. Prentice to keep his promise and hold these MLAs to account.”