Barbecue Fire Safety Served up During Calgary Stampede

Stampede is the time of year when Calgarians are enjoying barbecues with friends and family, and fire officials are reminding people to follow simple safety tips.

28235416046_6fa1ffe270_kDanielle Larivee, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and also the Minister responsible for the Office of the Fire Commissioner, demonstrated the importance of barbecue safety alongside Calgary Fire Chief Steve Dongworth.

“Everyone loves a summer barbecue, but grilling can be a fire hazard if you’re not careful. By following some simple safety tips, you can enjoy your barbecue while staying safe this summer.”

Danielle Larivee, Minister of Municipal Affairs

“Every year the fire department attends incidents involving barbecues that could have been avoided. Read your barbecue safety instructions and place the grill well away from your home, deck railings and out from under eaves and overhanging branches. Make sure to talk to your kids about these safety practices as well, and keep your grill clean and properly maintained.”

Steve Dongworth, Calgary Fire Chief

“I encourage all Albertans to keep a close eye on your barbecue while grilling this summer, and if you’re using a fire pit make sure it’s completely out before leaving.”

Spence Sample, Acting Fire Commissioner, Municipal Affairs

Five tips for safe grilling:

  • always barbecue outside
  • barbecue well away from your house
  • open the barbecue lid before lighting
  • don’t use starter fluid on lit coals
  • wait 15 minutes before relighting a gas barbecue