Bar U Ranch: Slaughterhouse Secrets Revealed!

Secrets that have lain hidden at the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site for well over a hundred and twenty years will be brought to light this September.

One of the Federal Infrastructure Investment Projects at the Bar U Ranch, the one hundred and sixteen year old Abattoir or slaughterhouse is now sitting on a new foundation with a restored roof, exterior walls and windows. The slaughter house floor has yet to be replaced so it’s the perfect time to do an archaeological survey of the interior of the building and you can see it happen.

Parks Canada Archaeologist, Jessica Hill and her team launched an excavation this summer of the Bar U Ranch Slaughter House. Public Archaeology at the Slaughterhouse runs this weekend, September 1-3. Ride down to Round Up Camp on a wagon drawn by a pair of the famous Bar U Percherons and wander over to experience in revealing early Alberta ranch life through mapping and photographing the historic Slaughter House.

Drop by for a visit and see what we dig up!