Baird Cautiously Welcomes Ceasefire in Gaza

August 26, 2014 – Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird today released the following statement:

“Canada, again, cautiously welcomes the ceasefire in Gaza and calls on Hamas to uphold its commitment.

“Palestinians in Gaza have suffered greatly under Hamas’s reign, and it is high time that their needs are put first over their rulers’ blind ambition.

“Further violence can be avoided if Hamas immediately lays down its arms and Gaza is demilitarized.

“Israel will be forced to continue defending itself as long as Hamas continues its rocket attacks against civilians, and Hamas will be solely to blame for any further loss of life.

“Canada mourns the loss of life in Gaza and Israel and hopes that Palestinians and Israelis will one day soon realize true peace and security. We urge both Israel and the Palestinians to resume direct negotiations toward a comprehensive peace deal that will meet the aspirations of both sides.

“We thank the Egyptian government for its tireless efforts in brokering this deal.”