Awesome News from Around Millarville School – September 2014

MCS - 1st Day BackThe Kinders are excited to be in the big room and being with their classmates in the big school! They are finding out about how people change over time and also noticing the changes in the season. This is Who we are!

Grade 1s are investigating how print and text in our environment gives us information. There are lots of signs and labels to read out there! Their unit is under the PYP theme of How we organize ourselves.

Grade 2s are inquirying into how insects interact with their environment. They have a lot of wonderful questions to research. They are going to the zoo to a special “bug” program on September 23rd.

Grade 3s are looking into how humans respond to our constantly changing planets. There are many types of rocks and geological forms in their classroom too! This inquiry is under the PYP theme How the world works.

Grade 4s are once again spearheading the recycling program at MCS. They will host the assembly this week to give us some information about how to make this program a success. This relates to their science topic, Waste in our World, and connects to the PYP theme Sharing the planet.

Grade 5s are looking into special relationships with a novel study of The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulaine. This PYP unit of Who we are is a wonderful way to explore our own relationships and our identities as Canadians.

Grade 6s are busy with their own novel study, Hatchet. Their science topic of Trees and Forests will see them exploring the wild woods of Millarville in the near future.

Grade 7s are really excited to have Mrs. Sillers as their homeroom teacher! They have been focusing on the Learner Profile attributes and have made some very personal posters.

Grade 8s think their homeroom teacher, Mr. Hanson, is really awesome! They are excited to begin inquiring into The Renaissance in Humanities.