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Avalanche Bulletin – Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay National Parks – Sat Jan 04, 2020

Continued snow, strong winds and mild temps will keep the avalanche hazard elevated. Choose low consequence terrain and minimize exposure to overhead avalanche hazard. 

Banff National Park

Weather Forecast

5-20cm of snow forecasted for tonight and into Saturday, accompanied by strong Westerly winds. Temperatures are forecasted to drop gradually with an Alpine high of -10. Another 5-10cm on Sunday as the winds drop slightly.

Snowpack Discussion

20-40 cm of storm snow, strong Westerly winds and mild temperatures is promoting storm slab formation. Generally, the upper snowpack of denser snow sits over a weak lower snowpack consisting of facets, depth hoar and crusts. At tree line, new snow sits on pockets of surface hoar in sheltered areas and sun crust on steep solar aspects.

Avalanche Activity Discussion

Natural avalanche activity up to sz 2 within the storm slab. Reports of skier triggered and skier remote avalanches up to sz 2 in the Yoho region, no involvements. Local ski areas were getting explosive results up to sz 2 within the storm slab from steep alpine features, crown depths 20-40cm deep.


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