AUMA Welcomes Funding Announcement to Help Reduce Violence


Edmonton: This week’s announcement of provincial grants to fund 76 local projects to prevent family and sexual violence, and child sexual abuse brings positive news for Alberta’s urban municipalities.

“This funding is a positive step as it realizes that solutions are diverse and need to be tailored at a local level to ensure they best meet the needs in our communities,” said AUMA President Helen Rice. “Municipalities are committed to ensuring the safety of Alberta’s communities.”

AUMA applauds the government’s commitments to increase supports for Family and Community Support Services and to review the addictions and mental health system. Together, these actions will help reduce health and safety risks that otherwise often led to violence in homes and communities.

“We have some resolutions at our Convention later this month on further actions to prevent and address violence,” said Rice. These include such issues as those relating to missing and murdered Indigenous women and increased response to homelessness.”

About AUMA
Founded in 1905, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association represents all of Alberta’s urban municipalities, including cities, towns, villages, summer villages and specialized municipalities, representing over 85 per cent of Albertans. A dynamic and evolving association, AUMA advocates on behalf of its members to provincial and federal governments, and other stakeholders.