AUMA Supports Big Cities Charter Framework

Edmonton – AUMA is pleased that the province has committed to moving forward on building the framework for the big cities charter. “We certainly recognize the unique requirements of the two big cities and support the need for their own powers beyond the MGA,” says AUMA President Helen Rice.

“By building the framework for a big cities charter at the same time as we are working on the MGA, we are confident that this will keep the momentum moving forward and support the significant changes needed in the MGA to support all municipalities in the province as they are so intricately linked. AUMA will be an active partner in that process.”

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) review has been a key initiative for the AUMA over the last year and is pleased with the progress and approach of the MGA Taskforce. “AUMA will continue to work diligently and collaboratively to ensure that the fundamental changes that are so badly needed in the current act are implemented,” adds the AUMA President.

AUMA is seeking significant updates to the Municipal Government Act including powers that enable municipalities to meet citizens’ needs, as well as property assessment and taxation updates and other revenue issues to meet the service and infrastructure demands municipalities are facing.