AUMA Applauds Province’s Support of Infrastructure and FCSS


Province Supports Municipal Infrastructure Priorities 

Edmonton –  (Tuesday’s) announcement of significant provincial funding commitments for municipal infrastructure will have a substantial impact on the well-being of Albertans.

The province committed to two significant increases to municipal water and wastewater systems beginning in 2016.

“We recognize that the province’s revenue shortfall made it difficult to fund infrastructure in this budget cycle, so we appreciate the commitment to ensure funding early next year through Budget 2016,” says AUMA president Lisa Holmes. “Municipalities will use this funding to address the urgent challenge of aging water and wastewater facilities, so that they can ensure safe drinking water for their citizens and compliance with regulatory standards. Many municipalities are also pursuing regional water systems as a more collaborative and sustainable solution.”

Municipalities also welcomed the announcement of increased funding for transportation and public transit, including a new $30 million municipal transit fund. Public transit is crucially important to both economic productivity and environmental stewardship, and the AUMA is grateful for the province’s support for regional transit system in our large urban areas. Municipalities are also appreciative of the 2016 investment in transit outside of large urban municipalities, so that our citizens in smaller communities can access a reliable and affordable transportation network. Rural transit enables all citizens, and seniors in particular, to access health and other important services outside of their home community. The money made available through the program will be put to good use, funding transportation that will improve Alberta’s economic competitiveness and productivity.

“Today’s announcement of increased funding for municipal water and wastewater systems and transportation and public transit hold great promise for our province,” explain Holmes. “Investing in municipal infrastructure is essential to increasing our productivity, improving environmental stewardship and ensuring a better quality of life for all Albertans.”

Municipalities Applaud Funding for Family and Community Support Services 

Edmonton –  Municipalities appreciate that the province honoured its commitment to increase Family and Community Support Services by $25 million. “These services help our most vulnerable community members,” says AUMA President Lisa Holmes. “We are so pleased that the province is honoring its cost sharing agreement and working with municipalities to jointly resource these important social services. This funding will be a tremendous benefit to the nearly 400 communities across this province”.

About AUMA
Founded in 1905, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association represents all of Alberta’s urban municipalities, including cities, towns, villages, summer villages and specialized municipalities, representing over 85% of Albertans. A dynamic and evolving association, AUMA advocates on behalf of members to provincial and federal government, as well as other stakeholder organizations.