AUMA Applauds Province’s Commitment to Economic Development


Edmonton – AUMA is pleased with yesterday’s announcement of a new economic development department, given the government’s commitment to grow and diversify our economy.

The focus is on economic development, which comes on the heels of the Premier’s announcement of a Premier’s Advisory Committee on the Economy. “Alberta is at a critical point in its global competitiveness” says AUMA President Lisa Holmes, “The future of our economic and social growth calls for a concerted effort in strengthening our position through trade agreements, business development, and infrastructure to connect products to markets.” Municipalities are responsible for much of this aging infrastructure and this has not kept up with the growth and service demands due to limited federal and provincial funding. President Lisa Holmes further notes that “The Premier’s decision to appoint Minister Bilous to lead Alberta’s economic development department makes good sense given his insights into the diverse local economies and infrastructure needs across this province. I look forward to continuing to work with Minister Bilous in resolving the infrastructure deficits so they are not barriers to our economic development.” Having Minister Bilous continue to lead the Municipal Government Act review through a Cabinet committee will ensure continued momentum for this important initiative.

About AUMA
Founded in 1905, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association represents all of Alberta’s urban municipalities, including cities, towns, villages, summer villages and specialized municipalities, representing over 85% of Albertans. A dynamic and evolving association, AUMA advocates on behalf of members to provincial and federal government, as well as other stakeholder organizations.