ATB Place, Edmonton Skyline Come Alive

Edmonton — To celebrate the arrival of Apple Pay in Alberta, ATB Financial, with the help of Edmonton-based Production World, turned its downtown Edmonton headquarters into an 80-metre tall, 30-metre wide, digital canvas of spectacular images that made the Alberta capital city’s skyline come alive.

Even the Calgary Tower became part of the Edmonton cityscape!

unnamedThe 10-minute 4K show was pulled off thanks to 16 projectors pushing 80,000 lumens of light onto the building’s south face. The show debuted at 10:25 pm and was repeated several times through the night.

unnamed (1)Here’s what some of the witnesses of last night’s production have been saying:

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unnamed (4)If you missed the show last night, don’t worry! We’ll be doing it all again tonight starting at 10:30 pm in downtown Edmonton. It will be a great opportunity to get your cameras down here and capture some of these stellar images.