ATB Finishes Year With Record Results

Edmonton – “When you read a news release about a financial institution’s fiscal year, it can come off pretty dry. It’s number after number and tends to be just about profits,” says Dave Mowat, President & CEO of ATB Financial.

“Customers aren’t very impressed with increased profits if they see them coming on the backs of themselves or the team members who serve them. While our net income is the best we’ve ever had, we’ve achieved it in the same year that our team members have said they are more engaged and our customers have said they are happier with us.”

Here are the numbers that complete the picture of ATB’s accomplishments in the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2015.

ATB’s annual engagement survey of its team members hit 84 per cent, the organization’s highest ever and one of the top results in Canada. More than 94 per cent of team members responded to that survey.

Over the year, ATB attracted nearly 36,000 new customers and at the same time achieved its highest-ever customer advocacy score.

As a result, ATB Financial recorded a net income of $328.7 million—the highest in the history of the Alberta-based financial institution. That net income is an increase of 18.9 per cent, or $52.3 million over a year ago. ATB generated $1.5 billion in operating revenue, up from $1.4 billion the previous year.

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ATB’s efficiency ratio, which measures how much the organization spends to earn one dollar of revenue, was 66.0 per cent, the company’s best result in recent history.

“ATB enters the current period of economic uncertainty in Alberta in our strongest shape ever. Strongest in terms of the team members we have, the calibre of our customers and the strength of our finances,” adds Mowat.

“That uncertainty affects all Albertans and they can be assured that we understand the cyclical nature of Alberta and we will not flinch. Our trademark is knowing and supporting our existing customers and creating opportunities for new customers—that will not change.”

ATB now serves over 710,000 people and businesses in Alberta. Through a network of 172 branches and 135 agencies, ATB offers retail, business and agriculture, and corporate banking, as well as investment management, and online and mobile banking.

During the year, ATB introduced the stress-free, no-haggle Clear Cut Mortgage, reduced unlimited personal guarantees for business customers, and launched ATB TrackIt—a unique, online money management tool now used by more than 60,000 customers.

ATB also supported Alberta communities with $10.5 million in donations and sponsorships in areas of community and social development, sports and wellness, arts and culture, and scholarships and bursaries.

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FY15 By The Numbers

$328.7M – Net income
18.9% – Increase from FY14

$1.5B – Operating revenue
8.8% – Increase from FY14

$37.7B – Loans
11.2% – Increase from FY14

$30.6B – Deposits
12.0% – Increase from FY14

$43.1B – Total assets
14.2% – Increase from FY14

$72.6M – Provision for credit losses
71.2% – Increase from FY14

FY15 By The People

35,867 – Customer growth
67.1% – Increase from FY14 growth

5,299 – ATB Team Members

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