ATB Black Diamond Addresses Local Concerns as RBC Prepare to Close Turner Valley Branch

By Pam Jones, Editor.    

In her opening address to the community, Marlene Ryks, Manager of the ATB Branch in Black Diamond, said, “We are here this evening in support of this community: the people and businesses of Turner Valley.  And we are here for our larger community, including Millarville, Longview, Turner Valley and Black Diamond.  We are here to listen.”

‘Here’ was an Open House at the Sheep River Library to support and help local residents and businesses as they face the closing of an icon in Turner Valley. On December 1st, 2017, the RBC Royal Bank in Turner Valley will be closing after serving this community for decades.

Shawn Morasch, Market Manager, Albert South Region was present and stressed the team and community commitment of ATB. He had the entire team introduce themselves and explain their specialities and how they can individually and collectively assist in any and all areas of personal, business and commercial banking.


As you can see in the photograph above, ATB Financial has a large support staff in this area. It includes branch manager and staff, specialists in the areas of agriculture, small business, large business, retail, start-ups and entrepreneurship, insurance and investment services.

As the only remaining fully-staffed, full-service bank in the area, ATB will be addressing the future complications that area residents and businesses will be facing. Things like: access to safety deposit boxes,  foreign exchange for our local snowbirds and travellers, cash floats for the retail sector. As Marlene said, they were hosting the open house to listen to these concerns and offer guidance and information on how ATB can address and help alleviate the situation.

The President and CEO of ATB Financial, Dave Mowat, was unable to attend the meeting but he recorded a personal message to area residents and businesses that was shown during the evening. You can watch his address here:

Some of the area resident’s concerns were expressed as the inconvenience of having to drive to Okotoks when we are encouraging people to ‘shop locally’.  How will local retailers be able to keep a supply of change on hand? ATMs don’t dispense cash. The decision of RBC to close the branch without any customer, community input or consultation.

One local retailer said, “I’m the only one in my store, am I supposed to close up and drive to Okotoks for change during banking hours, which are the same hours that I’m supposed to be open?”

Another resident said, “I feel sorry for our seniors that aren’t comfortable doing their banking online.”

Many issues face not only Turner Valley residents but the entire community. ATB spent the evening assuring residents that whatever their banking needs are ATB have got them covered.

Also at the Open House, Shawn and Marlene presented a cheque for $2,500 to Lion Don Ward of the Foothills Lions Club to help the club build a children’s playground in the Lions Campground.


(l to r) Foothills Lion Don Ward; Shawn Morasch, ATB Market Manager Alberta South Region; Marlene Ryks, ATB Black Diamond Branch Manager.


There was also a draw that evening for three $100 prizes with a matching donation from ATB to one of three local charities chosen by the draw winners. The successful charities were Country Lane Quilt Guild (2 x $100 donations) and the Oilfields Food Bank (1 x $100 donation).

These donations are just an example of how ATB supports our community.

Thank you, ATB Financial.