Ask the Principal: “What is the Wall of Fame and Bricks?

The Tigers Wall of Fame is our way of recognizing students among their peers when they demonstrate characteristics that we value as a school. The idea is to recognize things we want to see more of and to present the good example for their peers. The categories are Character (eg. honesty, empathy, perseverance), Competence (academic success or improvement), Community (being helpful, volunteering) and Creativity (Art, Music, fine arts). When students go out of their way to do something special and staff members see it, they name the student to receive a brick. The wall of fame is a metaphor as all the positive acts (bricks) combine to build a wall of famous people. When we ask the student to stand and be celebrated among their peers they beam with pride and the rest of the students are excited for them.

After the assembly each class spends a few minutes discussing the bricks and good deeds, instilling in the class a sense of willingness to work towards achieving them themselves. This program is not awards, but rather an intrinsic motivation that the student receives for contributing in a positive way to their school, and a way of celebrating this inside the Tiger family.

Parents are welcome to attend any of our assemblies and celebrate with us but are not notified ahead of time of the bricks as this time is for the students to create a school culture and pride for being part of the school. Also, it makes it even more special when students happily show their parents their brick on the wall when they do come into the school. This act itself creates a sense of pride and more fully showcases the character traits we are trying to in-still.

We feel to keep it simple, genuine and meaningful for the kids we need to keep it for the kids and not make it too big of a fanfare outside of the students. The bricks are taken down at the end of the year and sent home as parents like to have them as a keepsake. We always look forward with anticipation to see who will be celebrated at the assembly in this simple but meaningful way.

brick wall