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Ask the Principal: What is the Education Plan at Turner Valley School?

Every school in the province creates an education plan with a couple of goals to focus on. The idea is to work towards improving those areas for all students. The Education Plan was shared with school council in the January school council meeting. Goal 1 is to improve achievement in reading and number sense. This is our TRIP program (Tigers Reading Improvement Program) that we have had for a number of years but continue to tweak to make it more impactful for the students. Improving number sense is our Marti (Math intervention) work. We have found we need to focus on understanding the concept of numbers better and to increase student knowledge in basic facts. Goal 2 is to improve student writing competency. As an elementary school we know reading, writing and math are key components for student success later in life.

Our PD days are focused on finding ways to improve these areas, and to collaborate on ideas and strategies for moving learners forward in their learning. The work is never done when it comes to reading, writing and math, and as we continue to keep those our focus we will continue to improve student learning.

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