ASIRT investigates EPS in-custody death

The Director of Law Enforcement has directed the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team to investigate an incident that has left one man dead.

At 11:52 a.m. (Monday), an Edmonton Police Service (EPS) prisoner transport van left EPS cell block with six prisoners and was transporting them to the Edmonton Remand Center. One of the six prisoners was noted to be yelling and kicking while being placed into the transport van.

While en route, the police officers driving the van noted that the 46-year old adult man who had been causing the disturbance had quieted down. The officers stopped the transport van to check on his condition and discovered that he was unresponsive and in medical distress. Officers immediately started to perform CPR on the man while Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was dispatched. The man was transported by EMS to hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

ASIRT’s investigation is in its very early stages and as such, there will be no further comment until the investigation has been completed.

ASIRT’s mandate is to effectively, independently, and objectively investigate incidents involving Alberta’s police that have resulted in serious injury or death to any person, as well as serious or sensitive allegations of police misconduct.