ASBA Applauds Government Decision to Drop Diploma Exam Weight

The Alberta School Boards Association welcomed the government’s decision to drop the amount diploma exam marks count towards an Alberta student’s final mark from 50 per cent to 30 per cent.

“This decision was a long time coming and it positively impacts high school students in this province,” said ASBA President Helen Clease. “Today’s decision will be met with cheers from students, parents and staff. Communities have been telling school boards for a long time that this is one of their priorities.”

At the ASBA’s November 2014 meeting, 82 per cent of Alberta school boards supported a motion calling on the government to drop the weight of diploma exams.

Clease also welcomed the 24 new partnerships that will allow Alberta high school students to earn post-secondary credits or workplace certification in fields like carpentry, welding, esthetics, and accounting. “These partnerships support school boards’ efforts to create new pathways for student learning. Anytime we can create these opportunities for students, it is a good thing,” said Clease.

“Both announcements will make a difference to our high school students. We welcome these initiatives. Students, parents, staff and communities have been encouraging school boards to speak for them on these initiatives and today we have been heard.”

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