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Art Theft in High River

In light of the recent theft of art pieces in Black Diamond here is some information from a similar theft in High River earlier this year. None of the pieces have been recovered:

Art Effects was broken into January 21st, 2015.

Below are images of the 19 pieces stolen at my studio. I would appreciate your help if you could keep your eyes open for these items. Most of them were framed and had my label/logo on the back. If you see anyone with these items, or tying to sell them, please contact Crimestoppers with any information you may be able to obtain such as name/number, or even snap a picture with your phone of the item they have. They could be charged with possession of stolen property, and possibly have items stolen from other places as well.
Recently galleries in Okotoks and Cochrane have been hit numerous times, this is not a lone event.

I have posted this to the Art Effects Facebook page as well, if you would like to share and spread the word. You never know where these may show up, or who may see them.

Thank you again!
Art Effects

Art Effects - 20150127_154046
Art Effects - Lights-On-The-Beach
Art Effects - Beautiful-Five
Art Effects - Before-I-Am-Gone
Art Effects - Bridge-High-River
Art Effects - Down-on-the-Street
Art Effects - Last-of-the-Litter
Art Effects - Last-of-the-Litter-Framed
Art Effects - My-House1
Art Effects - Off-Orcas-Island
Art Effects - Partnership
Art Effects - Partnership-unframed
Art Effects - Path-Beneath-Your-Feet
Art Effects - Rose-Bud
Art Effects - Sumtuous-Red
Art Effects - The-Bridge
Art Effects - The-Way-Home
Art Effects - Tunnel-of-Trees
Art Effects - Tuscan-Hillside
Art Effects - Venice-Gondolas
Art Effects - Warm-Morning-Light

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