Around the House with Vicky Sanderson: Consumers Will Rediscover Low-Tech Solutions in 2019

Home and lifestyle expert predicts simple, time-tested tools will challenge “smart” appliances and IOT in 2019

TORONTO/CNW/ – Home trends will see a return to tried and true household tools in 2019, as smart appliances, Internet of Things (IoT) and apps face competition from low-tech solutions, says home and lifestyle expert Vicky Sanderson.

“Consumers have technology fatigue,” says Sanderson, publisher of “They realize it’s had some negative effect on overall well-being, and they want a less harried lifestyle.”

In the home, she says, the movement will be reflected in a renewed enthusiasm for everything from mortars and pestles to hand-operated food processors and coffee grinders.

“Is an electric or battery-powered steam mop useful? Probably, but no more so than a sturdily-made mop with a reusable pad and its own vessel that can be filled with a solution of vinegar and water,” says Sanderson.

Because simplifying life can also take the form of off-loading household tasks, handyperson services will continue to grow, says Sanderson, whether that means using an online service or connecting with a retired neighbour who does casual labour for an affordable hourly rate.

“Sure, putting together a flat-pack desk is simple,” says Sanderson. “But when there are 79 things before that on your to-do list, and if you ascribe any kind of dollar value to your own time, it can make sense to go online and quickly find someone reliable to get it out of the way.”

At the same time, big-box home improvement retailers will promote seamless repair, contracting, and installation services for homeowners, either under their own brand or by partnering with existing players in the market. Similarly, food delivery programs will flourish.

Increased appetite for hand-made home goods will drive décor trends and revitalize boutique retail spaces, and mass merchants will strive to offer more local or regional craft, textile and tabletop items, adds Sanderson.

The technology that will flourish will be products that make home tech easier to use, such as switches that turn “dumb” appliances and fixtures into smart versions and those that support health and safety.

“A wireless in-wall dimmer that easily transforms home lighting to a smart system or an Apple Watch that tracks steps per day or has a fall alert — those are the applications that will be embraced.”

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