Are You a Diehard Blue Jays Fan?

“How many diehard Blue Jays fans are there in Alberta?” asks Roger Jewett, CEO of Calgary-based Jump On Flyaways.

“We’re about to find out! We’re crowdsourcing Alberta for 158 fans to fill a flight to see the Jays in action at game 2 (Oct 9) of the American League Division Series.”

“The Blue Jays have an excellent opportunity to win the East Division Championship,” says Sean Jewett, Jump On’s resident sports expert. “And with only two weeks left, we’re optimistic they’ll enjoy home field advantage in Toronto for games one and two.”

“With enough fan interest, we’ll also add an extra flight to take in game 3 at the away city on Sunday Oct. 11. With an afternoon game, we’ll have Jays fans back in Calgary Sunday evening.”

“Since we have our jet on standby for the weekend of October 9, we can also change our destination for game 2 if Toronto does not secure home field advantage,” adds Jewett.

“Crowdsourcing is the next logical step for Jump On. With our launch of ‘Jump Start’ later this fall, our customers can Jump Start their own flight, choose their destination and dates, and even the type of plane! We’ll then work together to promote the flight, fill the seats and make the flight a Go!”

Here is how Jump On’s Blue Jays crowdsourcing plan works.

1)    Visit

2)    Check out the options and let us know your preferences.

3)    If we receive enough fan interest, we’ll launch the most popular flight for sale and set the final price.

“Based on our successful Flames playoff flight in April, and our Grey Cup flight last year, we’re sure fans will have an awesome experience!”

About Jump On!!     

Jump On Flyaways participates in the sharing economy by offering a Calgary-based airplane sharing service with a unique way for travellers to access low-cost flights. By contracting idle aircraft from charter airlines at discounted rates, scheduling convenient one-way and return flights promoted through social media and only departing if a minimum number of seats are sold, Jump On offers consumers 30% to 65% off typical scheduled airline prices.

Jump On continues to add departure cities (e.g. Edmonton, Vancouver and Kelowna) and offers low-cost flights to destinations including Vancouver, Kelowna, Las Vegas, Toronto, Phoenix, Palm Springs and San Francisco.