Are Insulated Lunch Bags a Good Idea? Find out how insulated lunch bags keep food fresh and safe!

Sports fans, students and outdoor lovers all have one thing in common i.e packed lunch. Be that as it may, a few people despite everything pack perishable food in a good old brown paper bag rather than an insulated lunch bag. According to researchers, food is dangerous to be eaten if it’s kept in the traditional brown paper bag for more than 2 hours. Insulated lunch bags help keep up food at a safe and sheltered temperature until lunchtime.

Why keep food cold? 

Foodborne diseases can increase quickly at temperatures somewhere in the range of 40°F and 140°F. This implies that on the off chance that you are tailgating or leaving in the morning for school or work, you’ll need the arrangement to keep your food cold. You’ll need to use two cold sources in an insulated bag to guard perishable food items in your lunch; ice or gel packs in your insulated bag or box work best.

Perishable nourishments, for example, cool cut sandwiches and yogurt, can be left out at room temperature for close to 2 hours before they become dangerous to eat. With an insulated lunch box and a chilled freezer gel pack, perishable food can remain cold and safe to have until lunch.

Packing a hot lunch? 

Utilize an insulated compartment to keep your food hot until lunchtime. Before you warm up your food, fill the compartment with bubbling water, and let it stand while you heat your food. Warm your food to at any rate 165°F, at that point empty the water out of the insulated holder, pack your food and seal it tight. Keep the holder shut until lunchtime so the food remains hot. In the event that you are warming a cold entrée in your office kitchen make certain to warm it until it is 165°F, or hot and steaming.

How Do Insulated Lunch Bags Work? 

Most insulated lunch bags accompany multilayered protection. They, as a rule, have an external layer, a lining, and a center layer that offers protection. The most significant is the center layer as, without it, a lunch bag wouldn’t be any better than your average lunch box.

While canteens(thermoses) and insulated lunch boxes depend on a vacuum made between the external layer and the inner layer to forestall energy scattering, insulated lunch bags keep food and beverages warm or cold, courtesy, a center layer made of thick foam. The thicker and denser the foam, the better the protection.

Are Insulated Lunch Bags a Good Idea?The way it works is that the foam layer keeps heat from seeping to the external layer and keeps the surrounding cold or heat from reaching the bag’s content. You may see that the insulated lunch bag’s exterior doesn’t warm up when loaded up with hot things as the heat is kept from scattering in the surroundings.

As an additional layer of protection, many insulated lunch bags accompany an inward layer or a coating made of foil, substantial vinyl, or plastic that is waterproof and heat reflective. Thus, the food inside holds its unique temperature, flavor, and moisture for longer than it would do in an ordinary pack.

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