April Fool’s Day – Pranks and Superstitions

Unlucky Day

April Fool’s Day can be a day for pranksters but many consider it unlucky.

  • It was once believed that those who wed on April 1st would never be able to trust their spouse or that a man who married on April 1st would always play second fiddle to his wife.
  • In farming communities it was believed any crops sown on April 1st would fail.
  • Children born on April 1st were thought to be unlucky and would grow up out of control.
  • Anyone who had been made an April fool and lost their temper could cause them bad luck in the future.
  • However, a positive prediction says that if a bachelor was fooled by a pretty girl on April 1st that meant he would marry her.

April Fool’s Day Rules:

1. Do No Harm (and nothing illegal)

2. No Pranks After Noon

April fool’s gone past,
You’re the biggest fool at last;
When April fool comes again,
You’ll be the biggest fool then.

Did you Know?

  • Apple Computer was founded on April Fool’s Day, 1976
  • April 1, 2004 was when Google debuted Gmail

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