Another Broken NDP Promise: Carbon Tax Rebate Clawbacks Continue

EDMONTON, AB – The NDP government needs to explain why they failed to follow through on their promise to stop clawing back carbon tax rebates from the families of deceased Albertans.

“Seeking a clawback of carbon tax rebates from families already grieving the loss of a loved one is both insensitive and represents a massive lack of judgment,” said Leela Aheer, United Conservative Deputy Leader and MLA for Chestermere-Rocky View. “Despite the NDP Premier’s promise, today we’ve learned that this insensitive practice is still continuing.”

According to a troubling media report, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) under the Trudeau Liberal government, on behalf of Alberta’s NDP government, erroneously identified a living Edmonton man as deceased and thus sent him “a notice from the Alberta climate leadership adjustment rebate, [stating] dead people aren’t entitled to carbon tax rebates.”

In addition to obvious mismanagement, the report is a clear indication that these carbon tax rebate clawbacks never actually stopped, despite NDP promises.

In 2017, NDP Premier Rachel Notley promised Albertans that, “We don’t think it was right or fair. We are in discussions with (the CRA) to make sure it doesn’t happen anymore… The NDP is standing up for Albertans and going to the CRA to ask them to stop it.” (Calgary Herald, Mar. 15, 2017)

Two years later, it looks like the carbon tax rebate clawbacks are still happening.

“Two years ago, we demanded answers over why the NDP government was sending grieving families insensitive carbon tax rebate clawbacks and they claimed they’d put an end to it,” said Aheer. “It’s time for the NDP to come clean: Why did they fail to follow through on their promise to Albertans?”