Annual HEART to HEART Marketplace at Dr Morris Gibson School in Okotoks

At Dr. Morris Gibson School, we believe that global citizenship through helping others is part of who we are – in recent years, we have raised thousands of dollars through our Heart to Heart Markets to help others around the world through charities that have touched our hearts. Our market will take place on FEBRUARY 13 from 1:30 – 2:30.

This year, our hearts have been captured by the charity One Child’s Village.

One Childs Village logoThrough our market, we will be helping 250 orphan children who attend a school supported by One Child’s Village. They are provided with food twice a day (rather than only eating 2x/week), receive medicine/vaccines, a uniform so they can attend school, teachers, school supplies and more. This school is in one of the worst slum areas in Kenya. It is hard to imagine what life must be like for these children – orphaned, and therefore considered “unlucky” in their culture, not One Childs Villagehaving proper nutrition, health care and the basics of life…our goal at DMG is for our students to develop an understanding of how we can make a huge difference in these children’s lives through our market. Every dollar we raise will go directly to helping these kids.

What is the Heart to Heart Marketplace???

Every class at DMG will be setting out a table or an activity, where items may be purchased in increments of 25 cents up to one dollar. Students will get to go ‘shopping’ at the Marketplace, with ALL proceeds going towards One Child’s Village. Staff and parents are encouraged to shop as well.

We so look forward to being able to send our love and support to One Child’s Village… from our hearts to theirs.